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As always, it's advised that you seek medical professional advice. This blog is designed to offer alternative treatments to common ailments. Everything here has been tried by a fellow human being and often even myself.

velaroye asked: I swear to god, if your advice on urinary tract infection, to drink baking soda water works, I am the happiest person on earth.

I hope it helped you! It worked wonders for me.

gmrcw asked: Hi, I saw your post about drinking baking soda with water to cure a UTI. I'm extremely prone to utis ans keep getting them over and over again. Im tired of going to the doctor and taking antibiotics. Do you think this will actually cure me? Do you have any other suggestions? I'm sorry, I'm just very desperate, cuz even if I wanted to go to the doctor I can't really afford it.

I totally understand. The problem is the antibiotics. You’re losing your immune system. Antibiotics sent me into a bad place years ago. Everytime I had a stuffy nose, my mom would get me antibiotics. I had 8 separate prescriptions in 1 year.They caused me a lot of trouble including chronic yeast infections and UTI’s. From what I’ve read, the baking soda will prevent the bacteria from sticking to your internals which is what causes all the infection. While the baking soda will relieve it for the time being, you want your body to be able to fight them off without having to drink nasty saltiness every month. It works but it tastes horrible.  

I ate lots of cranberries. I HATE cranberry juice, so I found ways to put them in my salads and eat them fresh. If you can stomach the taste, try to find a low sugar or sugar free cranberry juice. 

I cut back my sugar intake which makes yeast infections and UTI’s worse. No soda, candy, etc. It sucks but I ate salty snacks until I got used to it. Lastly, I put myself on probiotics which actually build up your immune system. You can eat yogurt too which has probiotics. You need a good brand though, don’t waste your money at CVS. I’m not trying to sell anything but what I take are the Ultimate Flora Women’s. Check it out on Amazon if you want. I’m sorry you were on antibiotics but if you keep taking them, they’ll probably never go away since you’re not actually targeting the problem which is the inability of your body to fight them off. 

In a world where my mom died and 2 months later a doctor tried to diagnose me with depression and give me Zoloft… we can’t always trust the prescriptions…Hey doc, go re-read your psychology book-it’s called grieving…

I encourage you to do research. Just google long term effects of continuous antibiotic use if you want more info. I would highly recommend a homeopathic doctor over other doctors. It’s very hard to find a good doctor that actually cures you and doesn’t just treat the symptoms. Just my opinion and experiences. Hope this helps!

Alternative Cough Syrup

SSKI: The Best Cough Expectorant You’ve Never Tried

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist April 23, 2012

When my Dad graduated from medical school 60 years ago this summer, the go to cough expectorant that was prescribed by physicians at the time was super saturated potassium iodide (SSKI).

SSKI was an inexpensive and highly effective tool for deep rooted congestion that was beyond the reach of the cilia, the tiny hairlike projections that line the upper half of the lower respiratory tract, gently sweeping debris and mucous out of the lungs.

Old time pharmacists regularly filled prescriptions for SSKI although today, most pharmacists less than  about 60 years old would likely scratch their heads should such a script be requested.

SSKI works spectacularly well for thinning and clearing mucous deep inside the lungs so that it is more easily coughed up.  This function is very beneficial because when mucous is rooted deep inside the lungs, coughing is the only way to get it out.

When I was a child, my Dad would give us 4-5 drops of SSKI in a small glass of water or juice at breakfast time if we had any lung congestion and then a few minutes later, instruct us to take a couple of deep, slow breaths which would immediately trigger a coughing spell to clear out the trapped congestion.

SSKI works very very fast to thin the mucous.  As a child, I noticed that it would only take a few minutes and the ease of coughing up any mucous was very noticeable.

4-5 drops per day could be continued for a week or at most two with no ill effect.   If a cough was severe, 4-5 drops twice a day could be used for up to a week to clear very thick, infected mucous.

Sometimes, after a few days of using SSKI, I would notice a bit of a metal taste in my mouth and that would be a signal to reduce the dose a bit or taper it off if my cough had resolved sufficiently.

For the past 3 decades since leaving my parent’s home for college, I have always kept a small bottle of SSKI in my medicine cabinet.   Even though I didn’t eat very well in college and throughout my 20′s, I credit use of this age old remedy for keeping me med free during any bouts with colds or flu.

Other more expensive expectorants on the market which contain the drug Guaifenesin don’t work nearly as well as SSKI in my experience and these medicines are loaded with additives and other undesirable chemicals.

SSKI, on the other hand, is just a simple compound consisting of  two elements: potassium and iodine.

Nothing else is added!

Next time you have a cough that requires the help of an expectorant, why don’t you try SSKI?

No doubt, when you ask your doctor for a script for this simple remedy, you will get a very quizzical look!

It’s time to bring back into popularity some of these old time remedies that work great, are very inexpensive, and have no nasty additives – wouldn’t you agree?

*Important Note: Lugol’s or potassium Iodide liquid that you can order online or get at the healthfood store IS NOT THE SAME THING as SSKI.

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Aloe Vera benefits

We are settling into our new home and discovering the wonders of living close to nature. Something which would be lacking in a city, where urban dwellers aiming to lead a greener lifestyle end up paying much more for a product and are often left with quality that’s not up to the mark.

Maybe there is a chance to escape part of this system with the help of the divine cactus, Aloe Vera. You would have heard of Aloe Vera, often used in shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, medicines, toothpaste and much more.

Recently we tried using the juice of the plant to apply on the skin as a moisturizer. Bhavika being a little skeptical wanted to do a little research before using it, thanks to her we stumbled upon the umpteen reasons to use this divine cactus.

cutting an aloe leaf

Cutting an aloe leaf

The juice acts like a natural moisturizer on the body, when applied on the hair it stops irritation of the scalp, reduces hair fall, and makes the hair soft and shiny. It also has a cooling effect on the body, this were few benefits we discovered after using Aloe Vera.

We now plan on testing if Aloe works as a sun screen as well, Bhavika has really sensitive skin so she is the guinea pig for now. :)

You can get a good quantity of Aloe juice from a big fat leaf, we took a couple of pictures of the steps involved in extracting Aloe juice.

Yellow latex secretion that is an irritant

Yellow latex secretion that is an irritant

Firstly you need to get an Aloe plant, and yes they can grow in pots as well so its easy to have one anywhere. When you cut out a leaf, you notice a yellow latex or sap oozing out of it, this is not suppose to be used as its an irritant.

So you basically hang the leaf or keep it in a tilted position until the oozing stops. Once thats done you can slice off the thorny sides of the leaves.

cutting the thorny aloe side

Cutting the thorny aloe side

Then slice off the flat side of the leaf with a knife, you will see good amount of juice beginning to drip out when you do that. You can then scoop out the inside gel with either a spoon or slice out as much as you can with a knife.

The first time we extracted aloe juice we directly put the gel in a muslin cloth and squeezed it, we collected a good amount of gel and juice. By blending the gel and then using a muslin cloth you get a lot more juice with very little gel remaining.

Thornless Aloe vera leaf

Thornless Aloe vera leaf

We managed to get a little more than 400 ml of the divine cactus juice from 5 medium sized aloe leaves. If you don’t want to extract you can simply cut off a leaf, drain out the yellow sap and apply it directly on your skin.

Extracting aloe vera gel

Extracting aloe vera gel

Aloe has been used for over 500 years

Aloe Vera is known as Ghrit Kumari in Sanskrit and has been used in Ancient Indian Ayurveda. Its use as a healing agent goes back thousands of years, for the Egyptians its the ‘plant of immortality’ and supposedly placed as a burial gift in tombs of the pharaohs. Strange that a plant with so many qualities has not made its way into all our homes a long time ago.

Extracting aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel

According to Ayurvedic medicine, Aloe Vera has several health benefits -

  • Antibiotic Properties that can be used to treat various skin ailments, sun burns, healing of cuts, wounds and scratches.
  • Analgesic Properties that inhibit pain, thus Aloe Vera gel is used in dental treatments and the treatment of mouth ulcers, sores, blisters etc. Its also used to treat piles, hemorrhoids, indigestion, constipation
  • Growth Stimulating Properties that stimulate the growth and formation of new cells. So it helps in curing burns as aloe penetrates the skin and removes the dead cells caused by infection, and forms new cells.
  • Halts the growth of cancer tumors
  • Heals the intestines and lubricates the digestive tract.
  • Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces triglycerides in diabetics.
  • Alkalizes the body, helping to balance overly acidic dietary habits.
  • Nourishes the body with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and glyconutrients.

You can read more about the benefits of Aloe Vera and its uses in Ayurveda here andhere.

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